We rarely have clients leave us. Why? Because we're not just a 'turn up, get sweaty, go home' kinda place. 


We are always in touch with our clients (if they want us to be, of course). Our clients are people and it's our mission to help them enjoy them as best they can. 


Yes, the exercise is important. Ultimately, we only get one body and making sure we can move it how and when we want to is important. 


Even more important though? The community. People don't choose us because our trainers are awesome (they are, but that's beside the point), they choose us because they know that they are part of something bigger. 



We try and get involved with our local communities, too. We are proud to be the current sponsors of newly formed Ilminster Netball Club and earlier this year contributed a portion of our registration fees towards Jace's Journey. You can find out about both here:


Ilminster Netball Club

Jace's SDR Journey


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